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Adrian C. M. Van Deusen

 Adrian C. M. Van Deusen  

 Adrian Machado Van Deusen

·       Neurofeedback professional since 1995, trained at the company The Learning Curve.

·       Founder and President of ITALLIS Communication LLC since 2001, a company specialized in professional training and supervision of Neurofeedback practices, as well as creator of biofeedback software products.

·       Creator of the the ITALLIS method of control processes for Psychophysiological evidence-based reporting.

·       Founder and acting president of the Brazilian Association for Biofeedback.

·       Inventor of the BioPLAY method for quick conversion of existing FLASH games into BioPLAYable games.

·       Maintains a Solar alignment with Earthen roots from which Mebea LLC has now sprung.