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Design Packs


Use Edit Layout mode for accessing your choice of display screens in Itallis designs.

By using overlapping screens, our designs make maximum use of screen area while giving multiple choices of feedback, pre-programmed for you.

Full Screen Button

Load and manage media through the Volumes tool.

Design Notes

Find information on the design's objectives, file management, suggested montages, and exported data as well as detailed instructions on feedback adjustments and Instrument descriptions.

Signal Diagram

Learn what each Design Object does by pausing your cursor over any object.

Objective Tracking

View single-session data in the BioReview Report included in our Design Packs. "Views" are specialized according the report's paired BioExplorer training design screen.

Using text files BioExplorer creates, view progress across sessions with our Excel Evolution (multiple sessions) and Condition Review (single condition) files. Easy to use with just a click and a file choice, there are several features for enhancing use if desired.

Subjective Tracking

With the Symptom Checklist you rank symptoms at the start of training and follow key symptoms regularly. Rankings will graph automatically as you progress, showing symptom trends over time.

Begin with a simple symptom rating checklist. With a button click, symptoms are sorted by order of severity or occurrence. Change symptom names or order as appropriate for individuals. Top symptoms are ranked quickly at each visit, and all symptoms are tracked every 10 sessions.

The Self-Score Notesheet tracks subjective ratings before and after training sessions for the "big picture" as well as each condition during a session. There is space for volumes of personal annotations for each condition, all contained in an easy-to-access format for the future.

Training site and montage are recorded, and graphs are revealed with a button click after 30 sessions.

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