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Alpha Peak Frequency, Amplitude, B3 Ratio


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Here is a comprehensive training tool for the Alpha range. There are two packs combined, both gently training the increase in the Alpha Peak Frequency, considered very important for working memory and for resistance to the tendency towards a cognitive decline after 45 years of age.

One Design works on the Alpha amplitude dynamic directly with rewards when Alpha increases. The other Design works on the Alpha amplitude dynamic by way of a reward RELATIONSHIP between Alpha and Beta3. This design provides a more in depth viewpoint and more global reward in regards to the states of calm and anxiety. The functioning of both is very similar. Their layouts are similar. We offer the two together so that the end user can work with both approaches interchangeably and provide a more dynamic challenge to the brain.

See Design Notes:
Alpha Peak Frequency and Amplitude
Alpha to Beta3 Ratio and Peak Frequency

Video not included.

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