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Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing

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By Somatic Vision

Tropical Heat takes you to the island of your dreams!

The sparkling sea, beautiful sunsets, lush foliage, splashing dolphins, gliding birds, and warm tropical raindrops on your skin become your world. Set the mood by selecting relaxing, energizing, or tropical music. Be yourself, or be someone else, by customizing your Jet Ski character: Choose a man or a woman and then select your skin color, swimsuit, hair style, sunglasses and the Jet Ski of your choice.

Tropical Heat lets you enjoy a pleasure cruise or surf 20-feet waves Get big air off of waves and ramps, then perform amazing Jet Ski stunts — or choose leisurely enjoyment of the stunning sunsets, refreshing tropical rain, and Luau-style nightlife.

Tropical Heat
  • Developed on a very popular gaming platform, Tropical Heat has all the latest effects. Tested from start to finish by gamers themselves, you’ll get all the fun game and gorgeous graphics quality you deserve.
  • Tropical Heat is for you: Male or female, old or young! Perfect for seasoned gamers and for those who have never before played a video game. Also great for kids.
  • Learn breathing and heart rate control as you play, using the breath pacer animations that are integrated into Tropical Heat.
  • The longer you play Tropical Heat, the more fun it becomes. Discover amazing new stunts, tricks and combinations, and rack up in-game achievement medals for special tasks.
  • Tropical Heat is FILLED with heart rate feedback: speed, rolling fog, sky color, music, sound effects, and more all respond to your stress levels. Alive Clinical includes a skin conductance feedback mode.
  • Tropical Heat Jet Ski blows all other biofeedback games...right out of the water. (Sorry, we simply couldn’t resist.)
  • System Requirements
  • Alive or Alive Clinical Software not required, but adds additional features to Tropical Heat (see next panel)
  • Active Feedback Hardware — HeartMath emWave or Wild Divine The Passage or Healing Rhythms finger sensors
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 operating system
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Dedicated 256MB Video Card Supporting OpenGL 2.0
  • 2 GB RAM
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • 1 GB of free disk space
  • Only Available in Tropical Heat when used with Alive
  • Tropical Heat can be run from the Alive Main Menu Games drop down, or from Start Menu -> Programs -> Tropical Heat. The following features require Alive:
  • Extensive training on how to smooth your heart rate using special breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Ongoing coaching and progress review
  • Session recording and review
  • Saving Tropical Heat progress and achievements per user
  • Setting heart rate smoothness difficulty levels
  • Skin conductance training*
  • Detailed graph display in second window*
  • * Requires Alive Clinical

    This download is 327 MBs.

    Tropical Heat can be used with or without Somatic Vision's Alive software. To run Tropical Heat after installation open Tropical Heat from your Start Menu. To run Tropical Heat through Alive chose Tropical Heat from the Alive main menu.

    If you do not already own Alive, and want Tropical Heat to record and review sessions, or use Alive Clinical features such as two screen graph training or skin conductance feedback, you will want to consider purchasing Alive, which comes with a no-questions money-back guarantee.

    Note for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: Once you download Tropical Heat, if your User Account Control is active (by default), you will experience a lengthy delay — of up to one hour — between double-clicking the installer and seeing the Setup Screen. This is normal behavior in the Windows Vista / 7 environment. Please try not to open the installer more than once (double-clicking twice) as this will increase the delay before beginning installation.

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